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          Beijing Chaoyang Church
          Beijing Chaoyang Church
          Hongde Church
          Built in 1928, Hongde Church is located on No. 59 Duolun Road, Shanghai. It was jointly subsidized by Northern Presbyterian Church and Chinese Christians. The name of the church was given in memory of George F. Fitch (1845-1923), a renowned missionary in the church and one of the leaders of American Presbyterian mission Press.
          Mu'en Church
          Mu’en Church is located in No. 316, Middle Xizang Lu Road, Shanghai. It was originally known as Moore Memorial Church, with its forebody being Trinity Church, which was built in 1874 by Missionary Lambuth of the Methodist Episcopal Church near Zhengjia Wooden Bridge at Shanghai's French concession (near Middle Fujian Road and East Yanan Road).
          Northeast Theological Seminary
          Northeast Theological Seminary was known as Theological College of Manchuria Christian College which was founded by a member of Church of Scotland in 1894 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province.
          Zhejiang Theological Seminary
          Zhejiang Theological Seminary was established on Oct. 1984 by the Zhejiang TSPM&CCC. The school system is four-year-undergraduate.
          Heilongjiang Theological Seminary
          Heilongjiang Province
          Heilongjiang Theological Seminary was ratified by the State Administration of Religious Affairs of P. R. C. to become an advanced theological seminary in 2012.
          Shandong CC&TSPM
          Shandong Province
          Shandong TSPM is a provincial patriotic mass organization. Founded in 1958, it is located in Jinan City (the capital of Shandong Province).
          Shaanxi Provincial CC&TSPM
          Shaanxi Provincial CC&TSPM is short for Shaanxi Committee of Three-self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Church and Shaanxi Christian Council.
          Henan CC&TSPM
          As a Protestant social organization, Henan TSPM works together with Henan CC to serve as a provincial mass organization for all believers in Henan Province. Henan Christian Conference is its highest institution.

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