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          2019 Entrance Exam of Northeast Theological Seminary
          2019-07-04 Source: this site

          On July 1 and 2, 2019, Northeast Theological Seminary held the 2019 entrance examination. 191 candidates from three northeast provinces sat for the examinations for undergraduate program, transferred student class, Sacred Music program, and technical secondary school program.  


          辽宁  东北神学院举行2019年招生考试 采用.png

          The Office of the seminary made arrangements for examine invigilation and candidates’ accommodation. To ensure the favorable conditions, drinking water, fans and air-conditioners were provided in each examination room.  


          The interview part of the exam this year fell on July 1, and the writing test was on the following day. Test subjects included Chinese, English, politics, history and basic Christian knowledge. Candidates for sacred music were required to take an extra exam of general music theory.   


          The seminary invited staff members from Liaoning CC&TSPM as exam invigilators. Elder Shi Aijun, chairman of Liaoning TSPM and president of Northeast Theological Seminary, was in charge of the enrollment team, participating in the interview, invigilation, inspection, etc.


          The examination was finished at 15:30 of the second exam day. The test paper was sealed up.

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